Abuloma Residents Join the Plastic Waste Reduction Movement

Abuloma Residents Join the Plastic Waste Reduction Movement

BY JOY NWAIWU 19/01/2023 - 3 MINS READ

Plastic pollution has become a global problem that affects not only the environment but also the health and well-being of our communities. Every day, we see plastic waste littering our streets, parks, and waterways. But what can we do to make a difference? Here’s an attempt on our end. 

On a sunny Saturday morning, precisely on the 14th of January 2023, the iRecycle team, in partnership with the Abuloma community residents, organized a plastic pick-up and collection event at the Abuloma Town Hall. The event was organized with the aim of recovering used PET bottles from the residents in Abuloma. It started out with registrations, where participants were given an opportunity to sign up and create their accounts on the iRecycle app. This was followed by the plastic collection process by the iRecycle team. The collected plastic bottles were weighed, and participants were incentivized for their efforts. A total of 23.7kg of plastic waste was recovered, even though we had hoped for a better turnout and a larger quantity of PET bottles.

As you may know, Rivers state is one of the major oil-producing regions in Nigeria, located in the South-South geopolitical zone. The state is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse population comprising various ethnic groups. The Abuloma community, a district under the Port Harcourt local government area of Rivers state, is a large community with more young people than Okuru Ama (the community we had our previous plastic collection drive). Still, the participation from the youth was relatively low.

From the level of participation, it is clear that more awareness and sensitization needs to be carried out to reach a larger number of people in the community. The iRecycle team and the Abuloma community residents must work together to create more awareness about the importance of plastic waste recovery and how it can impact the environment positively. We would also consider incorporating more activities to engage the community youths. That’s something to look out for in the coming weeks.

And while the turnout was low, we still recovered a significant amount of plastic waste. The outcome served as a reminder that change takes time and effort. It's not always easy to make a difference, but it's important to keep trying. Moving forward, we’d focus on increasing awareness and education within the community to make an even greater impact.

In the same vein, the community of Abuloma will continue to take action to reduce plastic waste in the environment, making Abuloma a cleaner, greener place to live in. We hope their efforts will inspire others to take action in their own communities to promote a healthy environment. It is also a call for you to be intentional and commit to reducing plastic waste one step at a time, or better put, one bottle at a time. 

Finally, the event may not have been as successful as we had hoped, but it was still an important step in the right direction. We’re celebrating our small win and learning our lessons to come back stronger and more determined on the next collection day.

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